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About Us

We’ve been in business since 1955 and at 201 N. Superior since 1959 here in Albion MI. Dickerson Music continues to support musicians in Albion and the surrounding areas. We have one of the largest stocks of sheet music in mid Michigan. Our store carries guitars to drums, keyboard to cowbells, accessories, ukuleles, dulcimers, and band instruments both new and used. Dickerson Music is a local Cort Guitar dealer.

Kelly Kidder has worked at Dickerson Music for 30 years. In 2015, He and his wife Ramona became the owners of Dickerson Music Company carrying on the tradition of having a music store in Albion, MI.  He teaches lessons at Dickerson Music for guitar, bass, and ukulele for all ages.

As a Luthier, he repairs instruments in the store. Band instruments and stringed instruments. If you look through the front window, you might even catch him in the act of repairing guitars, and violins.

Kelly Kidder is a bassist and singer in Swamp Gas Band, Alibi, andformerly in  Bittersweet Nights and The Dixie Mafia. He has played bass since he was in high school and made the bass he uses while performing.

He sets up and runs sound, and or lights in and around Jackson and Albion. Most recently you can find him running sound at the Bohm Theatre in Albion or at Jackson College. 

Stacey Bean has worked for Dickerson Music for the past 9 years as a band instrument repair tech.  Stacey was formerly a band teacher for 12 years, and plays guitar and woodwind instruments.  She is also a member of Nabirt. and been doing band instrument repair since 1987. 

Mason Britt is our guitar tech, he is a guitarist, 2020 graduate from Marshall Academy,  His hobbies are reading, writing and skate boarding.  Mason assists Kelly setting up and running sound or lights at the Bohm Theatre. 

Like to know some more and want to contact us, just fill out our form. We would be happy to assist in any way.

– Dickerson Music Company

Kelly Kidder , Blues at the Bohm

Stacey Bean Stacey Bean,   Band Insturment Tech

Mason Britt, Guitar Tech