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Guitars and Basses 

Cort has been a guitar-making brand for more than 50 years with an unabated passion for the guitar. Based on long-standing guitar production knowledge, experience, and faith in quality and value, we constantly study to create the best guitar in the world.

Cort's mission is to deliver the best instruments to passionate musicians around the world.

Since the 1990s, Cort has collaborated with renowned guitar builders and artists from overseas to showcase innovative guitars. The great list of builders and artists who collaborated with Cort include: Ned Steinberger, Jim Triggs, Greg Curbow, Larry Coryell, Matt Murphy, Hiram Bullock, Joe Beck, Billy Cox, TM Stevens, Neil Zaza, Matthias Jabs, Gene Simmons and most recently Jeff Berlin, Frank Gambale, Hugh Manson, and Matthew Bellamy who worked to develop and launch new guitars with Cort. Performance, reliability and specifications sought by professional builders and artists play a valuable role in creating guitars that satisfy everyone from beginners to professional players.

Dickerson Music Company has been a Cort dealer since 1997.  Through the years, we have continued to carry the line to due their excellent quality and features for the price.  They have been consistantly well made with very few warranty concerns.  


During 2020, we had to swivel a bit and dove into the used market more because we were not able to get new instruments due to lack of products, and transportation issues.  We started to allow our customers to bring in their used instruments to sell at Dickerson Music.  We have found that this always gives us a "What's new at the store".  You never know what we might have available in the store.    

Fender, Epiphone, Ibanez and more.  It is not just guitars, we have had drums, ukulele, banjos, and keyboards.  It is always a surprise, so don't forget to drop by and check out our consignments. 

** Consignments are NOT available for sale through website

Cort Basses