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Dickerson Music offers a wide range of Music accessories. 
 Band instrument accessories such as neck straps, cleaning kits, reeds, cases, and mutes to guitar and bass accessories like Capos, gig bags, straps, strings, picks, and tuners. Mandolin, Ukulele, drums, harmonicas. We have something for you or your musician.


A new batch of Franklin straps have arrived. Are you looking for a classic strap, a fun strap, leather, cloth, padded or unique? We carry something for everyone.

Straps are just as important as your guitar. Some straps are just functional, some have the additional shoulder padding so that it gives you the extra support so your shoulders do not hurt while your playing. We understand that people may not look at their straps as an extension of the instrument but Dickerson Music does. Whether you play out a lot and need extra padded straps, want a cool strap that has wild designs, or maybe you are the heavy metal god and are looking for something a bit more aggressive. We carry many varieties to assist you in your needs as a musician.

Are you looking for accessories for your guitar, bass, violin, harmonica, flute, clarinet, or any other instrument? We carry a variety of items for many different types of instruments.